Monday, November 17, 2014

Story Time

Story Book

The book creation and the comic book creation sites are a great way to spark creativity.  This is a great opportunity for ESL students to have fun while they practice English by writing stories.  Different programs offer different types of art that can spark all different types creativity.  I like these because even if a student is not an artist they can still be creative with their words.  This is a great place to practice the art of story telling and becoming comfortable in different mediums.
Other then just being creative the students could have a list of words that need to be incorporated into the story.  Showing how well they use the words in sentences and how well they are incorporated would account for part of the assessment of the task.  Also textual and grammatical procedures are being assessed.  Does the student's story have flow? And does it incorporate proper English grammar techniques?

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  1. Your story is fine but the purpose of the lesson with specific learning objectives from the standards and more specific assessment are needed.