Monday, October 6, 2014

Twitter Chat

              I attended the twitter #Langchat on Thursday the October 2nd about language acquisition in the classroom.  I found that the topic could have been very interesting.  Not totally sure about the format though.  I think the topic is very important and could go in several directions.  During the chat it seemed most were talking about the idea of not focusing on grammar and vocabulary test.  Most tweeters were focusing on the idea of reading and speaking the language instead.
              With this format I felt the conversations were stunted.  It seemed that some people were having several different conversations at once.  Statements were broad to specific and had no flow.  A post would show up and then five other people talking about something else then finally follow up about the post five people back.  I will be honest here, I am not a fan of twitter.  I find it hard to read.  Reading a twitter page is like reading a bunch of headline then having to follow the link to the actually “story”.  In this case you could follow different chats going on in the same chat room.  I get very lost in this though, to many headlines coming to me at once.  All screaming for attention at once.
                For the hour that I spent on the chat I could have read a couple articles about the same topic.   In this format maybe I could have been more productive if some information was given about a topic then the group comes together to discuss.  This was more topic - talk - chat.

                I understand the concept of always being in front of the crowd with the best ideas.  But sometimes restricting the amount of social media that one uses is a benefit.  A brain can only process  so much and implement so much at one time into a classroom.  With twitter I have always found it the step to far for me.  Other forms of social media are more comfortable for me to use on a daily basis.

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  1. Glad that you gave this Twitter chat a try. Now you know that it doesn't work for you.