Sunday, September 28, 2014

Expanding the Classroom

Talk about a fantastic network for the ESL student to be able to tap into.  The in2books which is part of the epals program is a fantastic network for students of any background to come together with adults and discuss reading.  This really takes the classroom concept beyond just the four walls.  As an ESL student they are basically getting one-on-one guidance from someone other than their teacher.  This helps them in expanding their network and developing relationships through learning.  With each student being paired with another adult over the internet the child is given a different perspective on what they are reading other then their current surrounding.  Learning how other people think and relate to ideas is a major part of learning.  With this tool it gives the student a safe yet open space for the student to learn.

Used correctly a student is not only reading but writing and communicating which in turn they are practicing and hitting the Common Core Curriculum standards.  I really like this concept because it is out of the box.  Using technology to expand classroom time.  Though in thinking about this many ESL students will have to use public libraries to use this method.  I see it as a fantastic tool but in that thinking it could be a tough road for many of the student.  Possible but just not as easy as many of their peers who have a computer and internet right in their home.  Schools can also help by being open later and having the computer lab or library open.   

ESL2.1 - Developing skills in reading and writing and to electronically produce text.

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  1. It's true that many ELLs use library computers, but In2Books mentors and student only exchange a very limited number of letters, so not having a computer at home shouldn't be a problem.