Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pinterest or DIIGO

I have always considered Pinterest a great place for visual ideas.  Pinterest for me is for recipes, ideas for projects in art, architecture, travel ideas and other very visual concepts.  Coming up with creative ideas and sharing them visually is great.   DIIGO though seems like a fantastic filing system with even more features than a blog roll.         
                I found pictures for my topic boards that took me straight back to the source which in turn becomes much more useful.  It is really easy to go post happy and lose track of the point of what one is doing.  That is ok though because it is all organized in boards and can be moved around later.
                For me DIIGO is a much better filing place for items/sites that one just finds on the web- such as a whole website or pdf.  It does not need a Pinterest tag to place it on a board just a URL.  Also I can write a description of what the site is and several tags so when I or a follower would like to go to one of the websites listed they know more about the site.  Pictures are great, but they often don’t tell you what the site is that the picture came from.  For example I found a quote that I followed to the site it came from.  Turns out it is a site about why staying in high school is a waste of time.  It’s actually not a terrible site and many different viewpoints.  That is really a short view of the site but it is definitely not what I was looking for.  I could get onto that topic but it is also a rabbit hole. 
                On Pinterest it is really easy to follow someone or just a specific board they have that interests you.  This is great because you will always get new ideas quickly as they build their boards.  Also you can go straight to their boards if you have found that they have really great ideas in the past.  Sometimes if you find a good board the preliminary work is already done for you.
                It seems that as of very recently one can message people on Pinterest.  Also through email you are offered suggestions for other ideas if you request that this is done.  DIIGO is better at providing a place to share written information.  It is a place where one can share and archive articles to read, highlight, share concepts, rather than just a quick post-it.  I also prefer the tagging in DIIGO to search for my own information later.  Pinterest can get quite extensive quite quickly.  Also it seems that I can restrict who follows me on DIIGO while on Pinterest it is extremely open.    

                Both have fantastic benefits but have different ways of sharing lots of different information.  They also provide the user with very different tools and benefit packages depending on money spent on the site.  I am not sure one can even spend money on Pinterest while DIIGO has different level of users and tools.

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  1. I hope the experience of comparing these two sites has helped you to decide which is best suited for your needs.