Sunday, September 7, 2014

Using Blogs as a teaching Tool

             The classroom setting only provides so much time where students are able to practice their skills.  Through the writing of the blog they will be practicing their writing skills.  It is also the act of each student time posting/responding back to a fellow student that will create a dialog that may not have happened in a classroom setting.  The blog setting allows students to learn from each other.  
  Each week the teacher could set up a topic for ease of getting a conversation started.   Not only are the students practicing their writing skills but are sharing what they are learning about their new culture.  Writing about their own observations, dislikes, and likes can help other students assimilate easier.  This can be prompted by the teacher asking questions each week. For example asking what they like best about their new culture? In order to progress the conversations as the year goes on the teacher can keep prompting with different questions that come from the posts that are made by students.  The blog can become a fantastic tool when creating a classroom experience when some students will not even be in the same classroom together. Yet, they can create a class by coming to each others' blogs on their own time and posting.       
   The blog format is very versatile and can be used to reach several  LOTE - ESL requirements.  A specific example is demonstrating electronic produced texts in ESL1.1
  As a teacher the blog can be a big part of professional development for the teacher to help learn about their students.  As pointed out in the blog by Zeinstejerwith the knowledge shared the teacher can better prepare lessons directed for the students and make lessons more interesting for each student they are teaching.  While quickly seeing where each student needs more practice or when a certain skill seems to have been mastered. The teacher is then able to move quickly to the next task and use time as wisely as possible.

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  1. Your ideas for using blogs in the classroom are good ones. I like the fact that you emphasized both the idea of increasing fluency and the human aspect of learning more about the students as individuals.